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Eyetoheart is run by Daniel Gbenga Orimoloye. He has been building solid websites and high quality interactive multimedia and creative e-deliverables since 2001. Daniel Gbenga Orimoloye is a seasond and highly experienced artist, multimedia developer and visualizer. | More..

Eye2Heart offers a variety of services to accommodate your graphic/visual design needs. Design work is done in-house, which means you can expect consistent results and individual attention for your project. Eye2Heart’s services include… | More..

Logo Creation
There are a lot of opinions and guides on logo design. Do this, don’t do this, you need to have this. For the most part, it is all redundant. As disappointing as it is to hear or say, some people just do not have it. You can practice every day, create *logos* for a million businesses and still have absolutely no idea what you are doing. | More..

UI Design – A Positive Experience
UI means User Interface. Designing a website should be like telling a story in which the ending is the sale or other preferred result. On poorly designed websites, a user won't even make it past the first page. | More..

Site design/development – form and function:
Having designed and coded a lot of websites for a lot of different clients from a variety of niches, a common problem with each project is something that should really be natural to the project in the first place. The idea that form follows function. This problem stems mostly from the fact that clients are usually not web developers/designers. The most overlooked areas seem to be those in usability and bandwidth efficiency, in other words, page load time. | More..

To find out more about ordering a service, please view The Ordering Process page.
[ Please click here to send feedback ] | More..

The Ordering Process
You may call to have an initial chat if you prefer, especially if you feel have any particularly pressing issues that may need clarification first. But the general procedure on ordering would be as suggested below: | More..

Content Management
As a standard part of your website design service, Eye2Heart offers you a robust Content Management System with which you will be able to update content on your site. | More..

Special Offer - Till Tuesday 12th October 2010

You get: Bespoke website (up to 10 pages)/Management System, Logo branding PLUS free domain name and web hosting for ONE YEAR - all for just £159!
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