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Content Management

As a standard part of your website design service, Eye2Heart offers you a robust Content Management System with which you will be able to update content on your site.

This is not a usual out-of-the-box package which has just been 'adapted' to work with your site, but a fully customised system that was made entirely for your site.

Because each CMS produced by Eye2Heart is specifically produced for a very specific site and needs, the result is you are able to get straight to business and cut out bothering with the rather cumbersome features in a typical out-of-the-box CMS. Many of which will be redundant in anycase.

Another great adavantage of course is that at the design level there is much more creative freedom. Since the CMS is built for the site.. and NOT the site built for the CMS as is usual with the out-of-the-box solutions

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