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The Ordering Process

The Ordering Process

You may call to have an initial chat if you prefer, especially if you feel have any particularly pressing issues that may need clarification first. But the general procedure on ordering would be as suggested below:

  1. The process begins after you submit your project information via the Request Quote form.
    If you are not quite sure what you need (in terms of pages, sections, functionality, etc) or how you may go about planning or organizing your content/text for your website, please find some examples you may freely download here to get you started.

    You will find tips and generic guidelines on how you may structure your content for:

    (1) A typical personal website
    (2) An online diary or blog.
    (3) A corporate website.
    (4) An e-commerce website

  2. You will then be contacted to discuss and clarify the project details. At this point an email will be sent to you to confirm the details and advise you of the costs/estimates.

  3. A 50% deposit is required to start the project – please contact me to arrange payments. Pricing will be based on the overall size of the project, complexity of the required features, and/or related costs, etc.

  4. Based on your specific needs, budget, etc, I go through the research and creative process, present concepts and revise, etc.

  5. Once agreement is reached on the the final design/layout of the product, the final stage will be deployment upon which outstanding payment will be required.

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