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Logo Creation

Logo Creation

There are a lot of opinions and guides on logo design. Do this, don’t do this, you need to have this. For the most part, it is all redundant. As disappointing as it is to hear or say, some people just do not have it. You can practice every day, create *logos* for a million businesses and still have absolutely no idea what you are doing.

I really do not feel there are absolutely specific guidelines, but I do feel there are some basic principles. I also think that every designer needs their own process in order to best express their own style and character.

How it goes

The most important part of designing a logo is learning about the business it is intended for. As hard as it is to do sometimes, you must try to pull out every ounce of information possible about a person or establishment and typically the ones who are able to give the most information about their target, their service, their competitors and what makes them unique are the ones who end up receiving the best quality of work.

Businesses are like people – no matter how similar they may appear, you can bet there are a lot of differences. The goal is to make that business’s logo reflect its persona, its personality and to make it speak to its target. If it is for a construction company, what kind of construction do they do? What sizes of budgets do they work with? Who are their typical clientele? If designing a logo for a construction company that typically constructs low-income housing, you can bet their logo is going to be miles apart from one that constructs office buildings downtown.

The more you know about the client, relevant ideas begin to flow.  I can actually can see things more in my mind than my hand is even able to draw.  A great thing about designing from the head, too is that if you have a good idea you are going to remember it. If you can remember an idea you had 3 hours earlier while you were at the grocery store or airport or whatever and you are able to construct it in Adobe Illustrator when you get home, it’s a good sign that you are perceiving a good creation. Why? Because memorability is the most important thing about logo design. If I don’t remember the idea I was having it is either because it was too complex or just wrong.

Communication through design

Another important thing that plays into the memorability in a logo design how well it communicates with the business it represents. Not only do we want a consumer to remember the *face* of the design, we want them to remember the whole package that it represents. This is not completely reliant on the logo design itself, a lot has to do with additional branding such as advertisement design, but that’s why we need to make a strong, brandable logo. We need something we can build a body around. A logo isn’t going to be very memorable if we can’t put it on anything or if it gets lost in the mix of an advertisement. It should be able to stand up to the design or image around it.

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